Hula Hoop Workshops Scarborough & East Coast

Have a go hula hooping for events: fun days, carnivals and festivals.

An informal, drop in session. We will bring a huge pile of hoops, including our ridiculously oversized hoops, and people can drop in as they like to just have a quick play or spend time learning tricks. Suitable for all ages.

Workshops: community projects, organised groups.

A formal session for adults or children and adults. Learn tricks and skills and laugh constantly. No minimum fitness level and no maximum age limit.   Up to 30 people at your inside or outside venue. One off workshops or a longer course. If you think you can’t hula hoop then come along and amaze yourself.  There are just a few common mistakes which people make and once you’ve corrected those, anyone can hoop.  High hoops have never failed to get even the most disbelieving student hooping!

Adult workshop structure:

  • Warm up
  • Skills session 1 (off body tricks)
  • Fun  routine to use the skills learnt
  • Skills session 2 (waist hooping)
  • Fun challenges to use the skills learnt
  • Hoop jam – time to go mad with what you’ve learnt
  • Cool down

Please wear comfortable sports clothing, such as t-shirt and leggings, and shoes which cover your feet (no sandals) as dropping your hoop is part of the learning process.  Don’t forget a bottle of water, hooping can be quite tiring!

To enquire about availability on your date please email

Adult hula hoop workshop
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