Do you teach children’s aerial or hula hoop classes or private lessons?

No, but these people do:

Leeds: https://leedsaerialarts.co.uk/youthaerial/

Leeds: https://leedschildrenscircus.org.uk/

Beverley: https://www.indigofit.co.uk/classes

Sheffield:  https://www.greentop.org/youth-classes/

Newcastle: https://www.circuscentral.co.uk/classes?f=youth

York: https://www.studiocloudnine.co.uk/childrens-aerial

Do you run children’s circus parties?

No, but these people do:

York: https://www.magic-merlin.co.uk/

York: https://www.professor-fiddlesticks.co.uk/

Do you teach private or weekly adults aerial classes?

I am not taking any new students in my aerial classes, but these people are:

York: https://www.polepositionfitness.co.uk/

Beverley: https://www.indigofit.co.uk/classes

Leeds https://leedsaerialarts.co.uk/

Sheffield https://www.greentop.org/

Newcastle https://www.circuscentral.co.uk

Do you teach private hula hoop lessons for adults?

Yes, email me at jenhighhoops@gmail.com to arrange.

My weekly Thursday morning hula hoop classes will restart in April 2022

Can I bring my small child to your adults hula hoop class?

No, unfortunately a small child’s head is at roughly the same height off the ground as a hula hoop rotating around an adult’s waist. This never ends well.